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Whether you need to design and print barcode, compliance or RFID labels, LABEL MATRIX® 8's helpful design wizards give you an easy-to-use solution for any industry.

LABEL MATRIX 8 is the most powerful, easy-to-use RFID and label design software package in the industry. Its helpful design and database connection wizards, along with a simple interface, allow users to quickly design bar code, compliance or RFID labels. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, wizard driven software solution for UHF and HF RFID encoding and label design, the choice is simple - TEKLYNX LABEL MATRIX 8.

With support for over 1000 thermal and thermal transfer (THT) printer drivers, as well as any Windows printer, you can maximize your printer's performance and print large runs of labels in a very short time. Whether you need to design and print address labels for your small business or thousands of inventory labels for a multi-site warehousing plant or RF tags to bring your barcode labeling operation into the next generation, LABEL MATRIX can do the job.

Key Features of Label Matrix

  • LABEL MATRIX allows you to program HF and UHF RFID tags and labels- including the ability to write-protect your label and set the starting block, and supports many of the most common radio frequency transponders.
  • LABEL MATRIX identifies and highlights potential problems on your label design with its error and warning tools.
  • Use Power Wrap to add special formatting to your label, including: bulleted lists, numbered lists, hanging indents, word wrap settings for wrapping text around graphics, and more!
  • Combine data from many different sources and set up advanced math, string, and logical functions using LABEL MATRIX' combination data origin.
  • LABEL MATRIX features 7 helpful wizards that make complex label design quick and easy.
  • Label Matrix 8.5 is compatible with Windows 7!

    This is the US English version of Label Matrix and is not supported outside the following countries: USA, Canada, Latin America and Australia.

    Label Matrix - Product Screen Shot
    Label Matrix - Product Brochure

    Label Matrix
    Label Matrix PowerPro Version 8 (Download Only)
    LM12PP - Label Matrix PowerPro Single User, Version 2012
    LM12PPPK - Label Matrix PowerPro Single User, Version 2012, Print Only
    LM12PP3 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 3 User Network, Version 2012
    LM12PP5 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 5 User Network, Version 2012
    LM12PP10 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 10 User Network, Version 2012
    LM12PP25 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 25 User Network, Version 2012
    LM12PP50 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 50 User Network, Version 2012
    LM12PP5A - Label Matrix PowerPro, 5 Additional Users, Version 2012
    QuickDraw (1D Barcode Labels, Windows Printer Support) (Download Only)
    LM12QD - Label Matrix QuickDraw, Single User

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