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    Hyperion 1300g Linear Imaging Scanner

    Hyperion 1300g Linear Imaging Scanner Prices start at $149.25

    Hyperion 1300g Linear Imaging Scanner Features and Benefits Superior Hand-Held Scanning: Increases throughput by offering intuitive and aggressive hand-held scanning performance
    Highly Versatile: Eliminates the need to purchase specialty scanners by providing the ability to read out to 18 inches (457 mm) on 13 mil bar codes, as well as reading of high density bar codes as small as 3 mil in a single device.

    Class-Leading Durability: Increases up time and reduces service costs with a reliable design that utilizes no moving parts and full impact resistant bumpers
    Comfortable, Ergonomic Design: Ensures operator comfort and productivity with a gun-shaped form factor optimized for intensive hand-held scanning
    Automatic Interface Detection: Supports all popular interfaces in one device, replacing the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes with automatic interface detection and configuration
    Remote MasterMind® Scanner Management Software: Provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all scanners within their network from a single remote location

    1300g - Product Brochure

    USB Kit
    1300G-2USB - Hyperion 1300g, USB Kit, Scanner, Black, USB Type A 3m Straight Cable $149.25
    1300G-1USB - Hyperion 1300g, USB Kit, Scanner, Ivory, USB Type A 3m Straight Cable $149.25
    KBW Kit
    1300G-2KBW - Hyperion 1300g, KBW Kit, Scanner, Black, KBW PS/2 3m Coiled Cable $149.25
    1300G-1KBW - Hyperion 1300g, KBW Kit, Scanner, Ivory, KBW PS/2 3m Coiled Cable $149.25
    Scanner Only Reqs Cables
    1300G-2 - Hyperion 1300g, Scanner Only, Black, Reqs Cables $135.75
    1300G-1 - Hyperion 1300g, Scanner Only, Ivory, Reqs Cables $135.75
    Stands / Holders
    HFSTAND7E - Flex Neck Stand for Hands Free Operation, 3800g and 1300g $21.00
    HOLDER-008-U - 1300g Holder, Desktop/Wall Mount, Includes Holder For 1300g And Mounting Screws $15.00
    CBL-500-300-C00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, Type A, 3m (9.8ft), Coiled, 5v Host Power $18.00
    CBL-500-300-S00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, Type A, 9.8ft Straight, 5v Host Power $18.00
    CBL-020-300-C00 - Honeywell RS232 Cable, Black, DB9 Female 9.8ft Coiled, 5v External Power, Option for Host Power on Pin 9 $16.00
    CBL-120-300-C00 - Honeywell, RS232 (+/-12v Signals), Black, DB9 Female, 9.8ft Coiled, 5V External Power, Option For Host Power On Pin 9 $30.00
    CBL-220-300-C00 - Honeywell RS232 Cable, (+5v Signals);Black, Db9 Male, 9.8ft Coiled, External Power, Option for Host Power on Pin 9 $16.00
    CBL-420-300-C00 - Honeywell Cable, RS232 Aux, Black, 9.8ft Coiled, For Connection To Stratos Scanner $15.00
    CBL-500-500-C00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, Type A, 16.4ft Coiled, 5v Host Power $18.00
    CBL-503-300-C00 - Honeywell, Cable, USB, Black, 12v Locking, 9.8ft Coiled, 5v Host Power $15.00
    CBL-600-400-C00 - Honeywell Cable, IBM 46xx Port 9b, 12v Power, Coiled, 4m $52.00
    CBL-720-300-C00 - Honeywell Cable, KBW, Black, PS2, 9.8ft Coiled, 5v External Power W/ Option For Host Power $15.00
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