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    8520 Extended Range Rugged Scanner

    8520 Extended Range Rugged Scanner Prices start at $560.00

    Honeywell's 8520 extended range laser scanner is built to withstand use in demanding environments where drops are likely - Featuring high performance data capture that ranges from 4 inches (10cm) to 45 feet (14m), the 8520 improves productivity - In a hand-held form factor, the 8520 industrial laser scanner provides easy scanning, even with gloved hands, and uses beepers and bright LED lights to ensure each scan is completed.

    8520 Extended Range Rugged Scanner Features and Benefits

    • Extended Range Scanning: Minimizes reach related accidents and maximizes productivity with easy scanning of bar codes as close as 5 inches (12cm) and as far away as 45 feet (14m)
    • Ergonomic Design: Easily fits oversized, gloved hands with intuitive aiming, improving worker productivity
    • Durable Construction: Reduces downtime and lowers the total cost of ownership with an IP65-rated design that can withstand accidental drops from as high as 6.5 feet (2m), as well as use in a wide range of temperatures (-22 F to 122 F, -30 C to 50 C)
    • Reliable Scanning: Beepers and bright LED indicators ensure operators know when they've completed each scan

    8520 Ext Laser - Product Brochure

    8520 Ext Laser
    8520332SCANNER - 8520 Extended Range Scanner, 7ft USB Cable $560.00
    SPC38520SCAN - Honeywell Service, 8520 Scanner, 3-day Turnaround, Comprehensive Coverage, 3-year Term $123.00
    SPC58520SCAN - Honeywell Service, 8520 Scanner, 3-day Turnaround, Comprehensive Coverage, 5-year Term $242.00
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