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Refox XII Decompiler and Brander for FoxPro

Refox XII Decompiler and Brander for FoxPro red tag sale Prices start at $399.00

ReFox XII Overview

Support for Windows XP through Windoes 8.1

Decompiler and Brander for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro FoxBASE+, FoxPro 1.*- 2.6, Visual FoxPro 3.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0.

ReFox XII is now even easier to use. ReFox XII new Windows based GUI interface allows easy viewing and restoring of source code from any version of Visual FoxPro, FoxPro and FoxBASE+ executable or compiled modules. ReFox XII is invaluable in situations where the source code is lost or damaged or if it is uncertain that the source code matches the compiled application. ReFox also provides a mechanism for protecting Visual FoxPro and FoxPro 2.x applications from unwanted decompilation.

ReFox reconstructs source code by splitting an EXE or APP file into components and further decompiling the compiled modules .FXP (.FOX, .MPX, .SPX, .VCX etc.) producing custom formatted source code which is functionally the same as the original, including the names of variables and procedures.

ReFox XII: Decompiler and Brander for FoxPro and Visual FoxPro
ReFox XII has the following new features ....

  • Added support for Windows 7
  • Built-in compiler VFP9 compatible
  • Compression on branded applications
  • Dynamic modification of runtime DLL
  • Enhanced protection Level III
  • Full support for Visual FoxPro 9 (+SP2
  • General interface enhancements
  • Support of German language
  • Support of Spanish language
  • Support of French language
  • Support of Polish language
  • decompilation of .DBO files available for some versions of dBase (does not fully guarantee for all versions of dBASE)

ReFox has the following main functions:

Viewer Shows source code by decompiling programs that have been produced from FoxBASE+, FoxPro 1.x & 2.x and VFP viewer more details

Decompilation Reconstructs source code by decompiling programs that have been produced from FoxBASE+, FoxPro 1.x & 2.x and VFP:
.FOX for FoxBASE+
.FXP for FoxPro 1.x and 2.x
.MPX, .QPX, .SPX, .APP & .EXE for FoxPro and VFP
.VCX , .SCX & .DBC files with embedded object code for VFP

Separation (FoxPro 2.x and VFP only) Splits .APP or .EXE files into their separate components:
embedded data files, reports, forms, icons, bitmaps, labels, visual classes and compiled components such as FXP, SPX and MPX. Component files can be viewed while in the application and extracted individually if necessary.

Branding Protects applications from unauthorised decompilation. ReFox offers five levels of protection.
Level I and I+ still allow ReFox to recover the code.
Level II, II+, III cannot be decompiled by ReFox.

Comparison Compares original compiled file with that reconstructed from the new source code created by ReFox.

Built-in compiler ReFox built-in compiler builds applications from project files (.pjx/.pjt) and compiles all VFP source code. The generated compiled code is equivalent to VFP9 compiled code including debug informations. The built-in compiler can be used to synchronize METHODS and OBJCODE fields in .vcx and .scx after source code in METHODS was decompiled from OBJCODE.

ReFox XII More details

Level II+ - dynamic modification of runtime modules

The necessity of distribution of modified runtime module was a disadvantage of Level II.

With Level II+ of ReFox XII the standard RT module is used and it is modified on the fly when loaded into memory. The application is protected by modified encryption method to disable ReFox and other decompilers from decompiling the code.

Level II+ supports Visual FoxPro 6, 7, 8 and 9 EXEs , DLLs and COM Server(dll)

Level III - dynamic modification of runtime modules and compression of applications

If compiled executable is unencrypted, it can be compressed for distribution, then it must be decompressed to run on target PC and the code can be decompiled easily. If compiled executable is encrypted, the compression is ineffective which brings problem of distribution.

With Level III of ReFox XII the encryption and compression are combined into one step. No additional library files or support DLLs are required to run the application, only the standard RT module is used and it is modified on the fly when loaded into memory. EXEs are compressed to 25% of original size and decompressed into memory only when run.

Level III supports Visual FoxPro 6, 7, 8 and 9 EXEs and COM Server(exe)

Return Policy: Due to the nature of this product and the manufacturer's licensing terms, ReFox cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded for any reason. Defective product may be exchanged for the same product directly through the manufacturer.

Refox - ReFox XII (Download Only) No Returns $399.00
RefoxXI+U - Refox XII Upgrade from XI+ (11.5) (Download Only) $75.00
RefoxXIU - Refox XII Upgrade from XI (11.0) (Download Only) $145.00
RefoxXU - Refox XII Upgrade from X (10.0) (Download Only) $235.00
RefoxMMIIU - Refox XII Upgrade from MMII (9.0) (Download Only) $275.00
Refox8U - Refox XII Upgrade from 8 (DOS 8.*) (Download Only) $325.00
RefoxE8U - Refox XII Upgrade from Earlier than 8 (all older) (Download Only) $365.00

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