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Falcon X3 Mobile Computers

Falcon X3 Mobile Computers Prices start at $1717.00

Datalogic's trademark ergonomics balance a 3.5" display and full shift battery
Ruggedized with 1.8 m (6 ft) drop to concrete resistance and IP64 protection class
High performance laser with Green Spot
Wide aspect 2D imager with Green Spot
Auto Ranging Laser
Optional 3Mpixel autofocus camera
CCX v4 certified 802.11 a/b/g radio
Bluetooth® wireless communications
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 or Windows CE 6.0 operating system
Parallel processor architecture combines an XScaleTM PXA 310 and a Cortex-M3 processor
256 MB RAM / 256 MB Flash memory
User-accessible MicroSD memory slot
Wavelink® Avalanche® device management and Terminal Emulation prelicensed
Datalogic Utilities and Software Development Kit
Pal Application Library prelicensed.


  • Capture with a high performance laser scanner with Green Spot, an auto ranging laser (XLR) scanner, or a 2D imager with Green Spot combined with a 3 mega pixel color camera
  • Communicate over a Summit 802.11 a/b/g radio with CCX v4 certification for security and seamless roaming or through wired standards including USB, RS232, modem and Ethernet
  • Parallel computer architecture combines a PXA 310 and Cortex-M3 processors with a base memory package of 256 MB RAM / 256 MB Flash and choice of Microsoft Windows operating systems: Windows Mobile or CE


  • Ergonomic hand held and pistol grip form factors balance a 3.5 inch display, full keyboards and a one piece 5,000 mAh battery
  • Functional rubberized plastic enclosures survive daily abuse and trauma from drops to concrete and exposure to water and dust
  • Users feel the full shift difference of oversized numeric and alphanumeric back lit keyboards, a crystal clear display and an arched pistol grip handle with ergonomic trigger


  • Develop using the Datalogic Mobile industry leading software development kit for the ultimate in device control
  • Deploy quickly with Datalogic Utilities, Scan to Configure and Wavelink® Terminal Emulation
  • Direct the installation, maintenance and management using Wavelink® Avalanche console for the site or enterprise

Falcon X3 - Product Brochure

Falcon X3
Pistol Grip Units with Windows Embedded (cont)
945250034 - Falcon X3 Pistol Grip, 802.11a/b/g, BT, 256MB RAM/ 256MB Flash, 52 Keys, Auto Ranging Laser (XLR), Camera, WEHH 6.5 $2061.00
94A151125 - Falcon X3 Single Slot Dock, RS232/Micro USB, Spare Battery Charging Slot, US P/S, USB Cable $226.00
94A151133 - Falcon X3, Multi Ethernet Dock, Recharges 4 Terminals / 4 Spare Batteries, P/S, Reqs Power Cord (WEHH units only) $859.00
94A151135 - Falcon X3, Multi Charge Only Dock, Recharges 4 Terminals and 4 Spare Batteries, P/S, Reqs Power Cord $674.00
94A151137 - Falcon X3, Multi Battery Charger, Recharges 4 Spare Batteries, P/S, Reqs Power Cord $413.00
Power Supplies
94ACC1381 - Datalogic Power Supply for Single Slot Dock, Line Cord $42.00
94ACC1385 - Datalogic Power Supply For Multi Battery Charger and 4-slot Dock, Reqs Power Cord $42.00
94ACC1386 - Falcon X3 Battery, 5000 mAh High Capacity $117.00
94ACC1391 - Falcon X3, Coverplate with Mounting Screws and Wrist Strap $54.00
94ACC1390 - Falcon X3, Handle with Mounting Screws $86.00
94ACC0063 - Falcon X3 Softcase Heavy Duty with Shoulder Strap $137.00
94ACC1371 - Datalogic Module, Ethernet Communication for Single Slot Dock $120.00
94ACC1372 - Datalogic Module, Modem Communication For Single Slot Dock $246.00
94ACC1392 - Falcon X3 Stylus And Tether Pack, 5 Pack $65.00
95ACC1084 - Datalogic Wrist Lanyard Kit, 5 Pack $21.00
Extended Warranty
ZSC2FX331 - Falcon X3 Ease of Care Comprehensive Coverage 2 Days, 3 Years $374.00
ZSC2FX351 - Falcon X3 Ease of Care Comprehensive Coverage 2 Days, 5 Years $614.00
ZSC2FX3C1 - Falcon X3 Ease of Care Comprehensive Coverage 2 Days, Annual Continuous $182.00
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