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    LS1203 Handheld Scanner

    LS1203 Handheld Scanner Prices start at $147.00

    Helping small retailers streamline operations, improve productivity and increase revenues

    The LS1203 handheld scanner from Symbol Technologies is designed to meet the needs of small retailers, delivering high quality laser scanning, user-friendly ergonomics and durability at an affordable price. From gift shops, boutiques, video and sporting goods stores to jewelers, florists and more, the LS1203 delivers the features, functionality and reliability needed to improve operational efficiencies from the checkout line to the back room - day in and day out. Manual keying is minimized, customers are charged the correct amount and paper-based inventory processes are automated. The result is faster checkout, increased customer satisfaction, increased employee productivity - and a rapid return on investment.

    Combining high-quality manufacturing with the right balance of features and price, the LS1203 is very reliable and offers the durability that a small business can count on day in and day out.

    The LS1203 is simple to install and easy to use - no technical expertise or training required. Operational right out of the box, the device is essentially plug and play - so intuitive even novice employees are up and running in minutes.

    With a single board construction, durable scan element and ability to withstand drops us to 5 ft./1.5 m, the LS1203 can easily stand up to daily use, helping to maximize the lifetime of your purchase. And integrated multiple interfaces help ensure connectivity to host and PC systems now and in the future.

    LS1203 - Product Brochure
    LS1203 - High Density Product Brochure

    LS1203 Scanner with Stand
    LS1203-7AZU0100SR - LS1203 Laser Scanner USB Kit, USB Series A Cable, Black with Stand $147.00
    LS1203-1AZU0100SR - LS1203 Laser Scanner USB Kit, USB Series A Cable, White with Stand $147.00
    LS1203 High Density Scanner with Stand
    LS1203-7HDU0100SR - LS1203 HD Laser Scanner USB Kit, USB Series A Cable, Black with Stand $173.00
    LS1203 USB Kits
    LS1203-7AZU0100Z - LS1203 Laser Scanner USB Kit, USB Series A Cable, Black $147.00
    LS1203-1AZU0100Z - LS1203 Laser Scanner USB Kit, USB Series A Cable, White $147.00
    LS1203 Scanner Only, Reqs Cables
    LS1203-CR10007R - LS1203 Laser Scanner Only, RS232, KBW, USB and CR, Black, Reqs Cables $125.00
    LS1203-CR10001R - LS1203 Laser Scanner Only, RS232, KBW, USB and CR, White, Reqs Cables $125.00
    CBA-R01-S07PAR - Cable, RS232 STD-DB9 Female, TxD on 2, 7 ft Straight $25.00
    CBA-R10-S07ZAR - Cable, RS232 Nixdorf Beetle Direct Power, 7ft Straight $43.00
    CBA-R23-S07ZAR - Cable, RS232, Fujitsu Team POS 500 ICL Cable, 7ft coiled $36.00
    CBA-U03-S07ZA - Cable, USB Power Plus Connector, 7ft Straight $36.00
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