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    Barcode Mobile Applications - Portable Terminals

    Barcode Mobile Applications - Recommended Barcode Portable Terminals

    Hallogram Barcode Mobile Applications support a wide range of batch and wireless Windows Mobile and CE.Net Terminal. The following are some recommendations.

    Dolphin 6000
    Dolphin 6000

    Today's mobile workers require real-time communications and access to critical business data to make informed decisions at the point of customer service - Many of these information workers utilize multiple devicessuch as smartphones, VoIP phones, two-way radios, laptop or tablet computers, GPS navigation systems, and bar code scannersthroughout the day - Honeywell's Dolphin® 6000 Scanphone converges the functionality of these devices into a single, durable, and affordable pocket-sized device.




    Dolphin 70e Black
    Dolphin Black

    The DolphinTM 70e, Honeywell's latest enterprise hybrid device, successfully marries the size, style and usability of a consumer device with the reliability and longevity of a traditional rugged hand-held - Engineered with premium materials and clean lines, the form factor of the Dolphin 70e elegantly lends itself to personal device usage while also meeting the challenges found in the unpredictable surroundings of the mobile enterprise



    Honeywell Dolphin 7800
    Dolphin 7800

    For demanding mobile workforce applications that require multiple tasks be completed in a limited amount of time, Honeywell's Dolphin® 7800 rugged enterprise digital assistant (EDA) delivers multi-purpose computing, communication, and data collection at desktop-like speed, empowering workers to get the job done, regardless of location.




    See our complete list of applications that we have available at: Barcode Mobile Applications or call us for information on developing your custom solution.

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