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    Scan and Print Standalone Cordless Thermal Printing System

    Scan and Print Standalone Cordless Thermal Printing System Prices start at $1299.00

    Scan and Print Cordless barcode labeling system

    No PC Required! No Software Required!

    Stand alone cordless barcode label printing - Use a cordless barcode scanner to scan up to 100 feet from the printer.

    GBT4100 Scanner
  • Inventory barcode relabeling
  • Work order labeling
  • Laboratory specimen relabeling
  • Multi-page document labeling
  • Multiple box package barcode labeling
  • Duplicate barcode labels
  • Healthcare bedside specimen labeling
  • Datalogic GBT4100 or GBT4400 barcode scanners and Bluetooth base connect directly to the Datamax E-Class. With the Bluetooth scanner you can roam up to 100 feet away from the printer and scan a barcode to print out a label on the E-Class printer. System comes plug and play, ready to go with your label definition. Anytime you scan a barcode the printer will print a duplicate barcode label - no software and no PC required!

    • Pick from the Datamax E-Class or the M-Class Mark II printers.
    • Pick from a pre-defined label configurations
    • or send Hallogram your label design and Hallogram's technical staff can set up your own customized configuration sheet
    • Print one or any number of labels with a single scan
    • Support other serial input devices like a 'Scale'
    • Wide variety of Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label sizes available

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