LEADTOOLS Document Imaging

Includes API, C++ Classes, ActiveX and VCL

The LEADTOOLS Document Imaging toolkit gives you all of the imaging technology that is found in the LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging toolkit as well as extra features which have been chosen and optimized to meet the specific demands of the document imaging market.

This toolkit contains powerful annotation capabilities which enable the addition of text, highlights, sticky notes, audio, ellipses, buttons, lines, arrows, rectangles, polygons, redaction (blackout), hotspots, freehand scribble, pointers, bitmaps, stamps, rulers and hyperlinks all with multilayer security features, to document, color and grayscale images.

There are specialized image processing filters, including Document Clean-up, despeckle, deskew, and specialized display filters including favor black and scale to gray, which allow you to enhance and "clean up" 1 bit images.

The document clean-up functionality includes:

  • Border removal -- Remove any or all image borders (black borders surrounding scanned document), with the ability to specify tolerance level for amount of noise, maximum border size, and variability of border size.
  • Dot removal -- Remove dots, specks, and blobs from documents, specifying min and max dot size.
  • Hole Punch removal -- Remove hole-punch artifacts, specifying min and max hole size and count.
  • Line removal -- Remove horizontal and vertical lines from scanned images, with the ability to specify minimum line length, maximum line width, maximum gap for dashed or otherwise broken lines, tolerance values for line width variance, and other parameters to ensure that valid image objects are preserved.
  • Smoothing -- Smooth the nicks and bumps on scanned text characters (or any black-on-white objects), specifying the minimum bump size.
  • Text Inversion -- Areas on scanned image of white text (or line objects) on a black background are detected and inverted to black-on-white. You can specify minimum size and min and max percent-black of regions to be detected.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging offers ultra fastrotation rounding out a comprehensive list of features which are all well suited for document imaging applications.

With the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging toolkit, developers also get support for Image Processing (Transforms, Filters, Drawing, Region of Interest), Scanning (TWAIN or ISIS ), Color Conversion, Display, Special Effects (choose from more than 2000 effects), Compression, Image Format (import/export), Printing, Internet/intranet imaging, Database imaging, Imaging Common Dialogs, and Screen Capture.

Includes four application programmer interfaces: A low level API, a C++ class library, and easy to use ActiveX and VCL controls. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging ships with sample source code for Visual Basic, C/C++, Visual C++ (MFC), C++ Builder, Visual J++, Visual FoxPro, Access, Delphi, and VB and Java script. And support for Visual Studio 6.0 database connectivity (Oracle, SQL, OLE DB, ODBC, and JET).

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging toolkit requires runtime licensing based on the deployment of the application you develop. Several purchase options are available. For more information, please contact sales@hallogram.com or call a sales representative.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging ... $2495

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