LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging

Includes API, C++ Classes, ActiveX and VCL

With the LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging toolkit, developers have access to features which have been chosen and optimized to meet the specific demands of the medical imaging market. Powerful medical specific annotation objects are available such as cross product, point and protractor, allowing the measuring and mark-up of medical files. There are more than 50 separate annotation objects. DICOM, the medical imaging format is supported which allows programmers access to medical images stored on digital imaging modalities such as CT and MR scanners. LEAD's DICOM imaging support is the richest in the industry supporting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,12,16,24 and 32 bit images including JPEG (12, 16-bit Lossless grayscale, 8-bit lossy grayscale, 24-bit lossless and lossy color), Run Length, Uncompressed, Photometric Interpretation (Monochrome1, Monochrome2, Palletized, RGB, ARGB, CMYK, YBR Full 422, YBR Full), and single and multi-page images. LEADs Medical Imaging toolkit includes 9-16 bit grayscale, and 12 and 16 bit image processing and display with window leveling. Window leveling allows you to map grayscale intensities by specifying the bit range and/or a user defined color map.

LEADTOOLS' DICOM support is simply the best, here's why:

  • COMPLETE support for the DICOM 3.0 specification, including all standard IOD classes and modalities (CR, CT, MR, NM, US, RF, SC, VL, etc.)
  • Provides easy implementation and full support for DICOM Basic Directory.
  • Automatic recognition of DICOM files (Little-Endian/Big-Endian, Implicit/Explicit VR, etc.) High level and low level functions for easy navigation and manipulation (insert, delete, modify) of Data Sets
  • Single or multi-frame images (compressed or uncompressed).
  • Largest set of hardware manufacturers supported
  • Contains ready to use source code and executables
  • 4 different Programming interfaces - API, OCX, VCL, Class Library

In addition to special medical features, the Medical Imaging toolkit also includes optimized document image processing filters, and high performance decompression and viewing of JPEG, LEAD CMP and CCITT G4 image files.

Includes four application programmer interfaces: A low level API, a C++ class library, and easy to use ActiveX and VCL controls. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging ships with sample source code for Visual Basic, C/C++, Visual C++ (MFC), C++ Builder, Visual J++, Visual FoxPro, Access, Delphi, and VB and Java script. And support for Visual Studio 6.0 database connectivity (Oracle, SQL, OLE DB, ODBC, and JET).

Imaging Common Dialogs

LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialog boxes greatly simplify development and save hours of tedious programming by extending Windows common dialogs to provide imaging specific capabilities. The Common Dialog boxes provide professional common imaging dialogs such as image processing, conversion and effects. Thumbnail previewing of image saves processing time and avoids un-dos.

The LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialog libraries provide a set of common dialog boxes that combine Windows Common Dialog functionality with LEADTOOLS imaging functionality. Common Dialogs are provided for FileOpen, FileSave, Color Resolution, Image Processing/Filtering, and Effects. You can specify your own String and/or Text, as well as handle Language Customization -- This is a great feature for localizing your software for International users.

The LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialogs also provide input dialog boxes for all of the LEADTOOLS image processing functions. These dialogs allow you to quickly and easily enable your application to gather input from end-users for the parameters required by the various LEADTOOLS functions. These dialogs can also be used to automatically process the image based on end-user input (thus reducing the amount of code you have to write).

The dialog functions feature:

  • Extended FileOpen and FileSave dialogs with LEADTOOLS imaging specific options.
  • Thumbnail Preview option allows the user to preview images without loading them.
  • Reusable dialogs for the most common LEADTOOLS image processing functions and effects.
  • Thumbnail Preview for image processing dialogs allows the user to preview the change without actually affecting the original image.
  • An optional Help Button lets you provide custom help information for each dialog.
  • User Interface control for the dialogs is provided through flags passed to each dialog function or method allowing the text in the dilaogs to be changed or localized.
  • Optional automatic processing of the image by the dialog to simplify development..

Annotation Module Add On

The LEADTOOLS Annotation module for Medical Imaging offers a variety of annotation (image markup) options that can be added to document, grayscale and color images. Annotation objects available include Ruler, Protractor, Cross Product, Pointer, Text, Circles, Freehand, etc. LEADTOOLS allows you to read or write annotations as an external annotation file or as LEAD or Wang annotation tags within a TIFF file. With the LEADTOOLS Annotation module, you can choose between low level access to the annotations, or you can implement annotation support through a fully automated mode with a ready to use floating, customizable toolbar and pop-up menus. The superior annotation features provided in LEADTOOLS can be used in any application where image markup is desired.

With LEADTOOLS Annotation support you can:
  • Create any of the following objects: line, arrow, rectangle, square, ellipse, circle, polygon, freehand line, text, highlighter, hot spot, note, stamp, redaction, button, audio clip, video, freehand hot spots, points, protractors, cross-products, push pins, and rubber stamps.
  • Implement automated annotation support.
  • Implement annotation passwords (case-sensitive) providing security for every object.
  • Implement hyperlinks for every object. Hyperlinks can be user defined messages handled in code, external applications, or jumps to Web pages.
  • Modify text strings used in automated annotation support to facilitate localization.
  • Scale and position a group to fit the displayed bitmap.
  • Group and ungroup objects.
  • Apply an object or group to a bitmap.
  • Size and position an object or group.
  • Rotate an object or group.
  • Flip, reverse, or shear an object or group.
  • Save an object or group on the Windows clipboard.
  • Print an object or group.
  • Save an object or group in a file.
  • Save annotations as an external LEAD file, WMF file, or as WANG or LEAD compatible tags inside a TIFF file.
  • Save an object or group as a file in memory. (This is useful for low level database support.)
  • Save an object or group in a database using OLEDB or VB data binding.
  • Control over where optional annotation name or title is displayed.
  • Multi-page annotation support.

DICOM Communications Module Add On

The LEADTOOLS DICOM Communications Module provides COMPLETE support for DICOM Communications, including all Service Classes (Verification, Storage, Query/Retrieve, Patient Management, etc.), and contains high-level communications functions simplifying the creation of DICOM client/server applications.

Some features of this module include:
  • Support for TCP/IP multiple clients and multiple servers, working in Asynchronous or Synchronous mode.
  • High-level functions for initiating and terminating Associations (connections between DICOM applications), automating the process of filling out PDU structures (Protocol Data Units).
  • Automatic and transparent conversion of DICOM Data Sets to/from the specific Transfer Syntax required by the associated Application Entities (the connected DICOM client(s) and server(s).
  • High-level functions that automate sending DICOM Request and Response Command Sets (Services), greatly simplifying the process of coding application communications.
  • Complete support for Message Exchange, including DIMSE (DICOM Message Service Element) service user and provider, and Message Exchange Upper Layer Protocol.
With this DICOM Communications support you can do the following:
  • Create and initialize a DICOM Network Connection.
  • Create a DICOM Associate Connection to allow the transfer of data and messages.
  • Customize the DICOM Associate Connection for the type of data you wish to transfer, and the manner in which to transfer the data.
  • Retrieve information about the DICOM Network Connection.
  • Retrieve information about the DICOM Associate Connection.
  • Send and receive messages using either high-level or low-level functions.
  • Support for the DICOM Verification Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Storage Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Query/Retrieve Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Study Content Notification Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Patient Management Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Study Management Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Results Management Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Print Management Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Media Storage Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Storage Commitment Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Basic Worklist Management Service Class
  • Support for the DICOM Queue Management Service Class

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging toolkit requires runtime licensing based on the deployment of the application you develop. Several purchase options are available. For more information, please contact sales@hallogram.com or call a sales representative at 303-340-3404.

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging (Requires Runtime Licensing) $4495
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Runtime Licensing (each) $100
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite (Requires Runtime Licensing) $7995
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite Runtime Licensing (each) $250
LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Add Ons
LEADTOOLS Annotation Add On Module
(Add on to Med Imaging - adds annotation and other Doc Imaging capabilities)
LEADTOOLS DICOM Communication Add On
(Add on to Med Imaging - adds DICOM communication/PACS support)

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