LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro

Includes API, C++ Classes, ActiveX and VCL

LEADTOOLS provides 2-D and 3-D vector imaging for loading, viewing, modifying and saving vector files to memory/disk in native vector format. Support for 14 different primitive object types (see list below). Add, edit, delete, rotate, translate, and scale objects. Group objects into layers. Change camera and lights, and render using different illumination models. Select and transform entire objects or individual elements. Optimized drawing using OpenGL, DirectX or GDI engines. Vector images can be scaled from 1-1000%, rotated around any axis. With LEADTOOLS, vector images can also be converted and saved as any of the over 60 raster file formats supported by LEAD.

Features of LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro:

  • Vector File Formats include DWG, DWF, DXF, EMF, WMF, CGM, DGN, DRW, HPGL, PICT AND VEC.
  • View/Edit objects and view parameters at runtime and in real-time.
  • 16 different primitive object types include:
    • vertex
    • line
    • rectangle
    • text
    • polyline
    • poly bezier curve
    • polygon
    • polydraw
    • ellipse
    • arc
    • circle
    • elliptical arc
    • raster
    • pie
    • chord
    • clone
  • Add, edit, and delete objects.
  • Rotate around any axis, translate, and scale (1-1000%) entire images or selected objects.
  • Convert complex objects to more primitive types.
  • Group objects into layers or groups, copy or move objects between layers and groups.
  • Add, edit, delete and copy entire layers and groups between vector images.
  • Make layers invisible or lock (disable changes to) individual layers.
  • Convert points from world space to screen space and vice versa.
  • Perform pixel-accurate hit testing to select/deselect objects.
  • Select and transform entire objects or individual elements and copy them to/from the Windows clipboard.
  • Convert vector images on the fly to/from Windows metafile handles.
  • Use 3D viewing options including lighting, shadow, camera, polygon modes (points, wire-frame, filled).
  • Common dialogs to simplify tasks needed when working with vector images.
  • Optimized drawing using OpenGL, DirectX or GDI engines.
  • Render or overlay a vector image (or part of a vector image) to a raster image at any size/resolution.
  • Convert to and from different vector file formats.
  • Vector images can also be converted and saved as any of the over 60 raster file formats supported by LEAD.

Includes four application programmer interfaces: A low level API, a C++ class library, and easy to use ActiveX and VCL controls. LEADTOOLS Document Imaging ships with sample source code for Visual Basic, C/C++, Visual C++ (MFC), C++ Builder, Visual J++, Visual FoxPro, Access, Delphi, and VB and Java script. And support for Visual Studio 6.0 database connectivity (Oracle, SQL, OLE DB, ODBC, and JET).

Imaging Common Dialogs

LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialog boxes greatly simplify development and save hours of tedious programming by extending Windows common dialogs to provide imaging specific capabilities. The Common Dialog boxes provide professional common imaging dialogs such as image processing, conversion and effects. Thumbnail previewing of image saves processing time and avoids un-dos.

The LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialog libraries provide a set of common dialog boxes that combine Windows Common Dialog functionality with LEADTOOLS imaging functionality. Common Dialogs are provided for FileOpen, FileSave, Color Resolution, Image Processing/Filtering, and Effects. You can specify your own String and/or Text, as well as handle Language Customization -- This is a great feature for localizing your software for International users.

The LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialogs also provide input dialog boxes for all of the LEADTOOLS image processing functions. These dialogs allow you to quickly and easily enable your application to gather input from end-users for the parameters required by the various LEADTOOLS functions. These dialogs can also be used to automatically process the image based on end-user input (thus reducing the amount of code you have to write).

The dialog functions feature:

  • Extended FileOpen and FileSave dialogs with LEADTOOLS imaging specific options.
  • Thumbnail Preview option allows the user to preview images without loading them.
  • Reusable dialogs for the most common LEADTOOLS image processing functions and effects.
  • Thumbnail Preview for image processing dialogs allows the user to preview the change without actually affecting the original image.
  • An optional Help Button lets you provide custom help information for each dialog.
  • User Interface control for the dialogs is provided through flags passed to each dialog function or method allowing the text in the dilaogs to be changed or localized.
  • Optional automatic processing of the image by the dialog to simplify development..

LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro requires runtime licensing based on the deployment of the application you develop. Several purchase options are available. For more information, please contact sales@hallogram.com or call a sales representative.

LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro ... $1995
Requires Runtime Licensing (Call for Runtime Pricing)

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