Why should you buy PerfectDisk? Why is PerfectDisk the "Ultimate Defragmenter for ALL Windows environments"?

Built for enterprise systems, PerfectDisk leverages its incredible know-how across each Windows 95/98/NT server and workstation. It also defragments every type of file including the Master File Table, Paging files, and directories. Because PerfectDisk thinks in terms of how each machine is used, it builds the most efficient access structure to make sure that future defragmentation processes run faster, and are needed less frequently.

Since PerfectDisk takes advantage of a revolutionary patented technology called SMART Placement, it can analyze system data and arrange files logically on a disk according to usage patterns in a way that makes sense.

PerfectDisk makes administrators tasks easier. At the network level, it gives administrators remote defragmentation capabilities. And, with built-in support for security and scheduling, it empowers system managers to provide efficient hard disk optimization for all 95/98/NT machines across the network and throughout the entire enterprise, with minimal user impact.


"The ultimate defragger for all Windows environments!"

Key Benefits at a Glance

  • Defragment every type of file on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 disks, including the Master File Table, Paging files, and directories.
  • SMART Placement optimizes file placement and boosts overall NT system and performance.
  • Universal support for all Windows systems across the enterprise with a single, intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) -- for both clients and servers, both FAT and NTFS disks.
  • More efficient, and less frequent defragmentation.

Most Complete Defragmentation

PerfectDisk defragments the entire disk, including Master File Table (MFT), paging files and directories. This gives users total enterprise-wide defragmentation of all files on all Windows systems. Being able to defragment the MFT is important because it is the first place a request searches to find a file.

Boost System Performance with SMART Placement

At the core of PerfectDisk's power is Raxco's revolutionary technology called SMART Placement. During defragmentation, SMART Placement intelligently categorizes data on the disk according to usage patterns. Files most frequently accessed are organized with free space on the disk to help ensure that the vast majority of disk requests take place in a small, centralized area. This makes file access faster, conserves system resources and reduces future fragmentation.

Dynamically Optimize Disks Across the Network

PerfectDisk's SMART scheduling technology lets system managers assign system times to automate defragmentation across the network. It can straightforwardly assign which systems, partitions, directories, or disk segments to include or exclude in the process. Defragmentation priorities can be controlled remotely, based on profile. And, by assigning priorities to machines with the greatest requirement, overall performance of the entire network improves.

One Tool for the Entire Enterprise

PerfectDisk provides the same level of industrial-strength defragmentation for both Windows NT servers and workstations. A single intuitive interface for servers and workstations provides consistent defragmentation across the enterprise. Support for RAID and Volume Set enables powerful defragmentation for even large and complex environments with large storage arrays and volumes.

Rock-Solid, Multi-level Security

Foremost in the minds of all risk conscious system managers is protecting files during defragmentation. Raxco engineers have taken special care to safeguard the well being of file systems. The PerfectDisk architecture was developed in strict compliance with Microsoft provided API documentation. PerfectDisk enhances its built-in support for Windows own powerful security model with additional user authentication support, to provide comprehensive password and privilege checking.

Identify Trouble Spots Easily

To help identify key fragmentation problems, each thorough analysis of the disk is accompanied by a graphical, color-coded representation, so problem areas are automatically flagged and clearly identified.

So with the appropriate privileges, any authorized user in the network can gain access to PerfectDisk's powerful defragmentation capabilities. Because we offer attractive per user pricing, PerfectDisk is the most cost-effective and smartest solution available for disk optimization anywhere.

System Requirements

  • Hardware: Any Windows Compatible System
  • 16 MB RAM
  • 6 MB Disk Space
  • Monitor setting of 256 colors
  • 800 X 600 screen resolution
  • All levels of RAID are supported


Microsoft Windows NT/95(OSR2)/98/2000 Server or Workstation Windows NT Service Pack 3 or higher is recommended

PerfectDisk uses ActiveX components introduced with Internet Explorer 3.02 to display help files. If you do not have IE 3.02 or higher installed, the help files can be viewed or downloaded from the Raxco Software Support Site.

PerfectDisk 2000...$495

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