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Start with Detailed Maps

Street Atlas Street Atlas USA® has led the pack since its introduction in 1991, in large part due to its superior map detail. Street Atlas USA contains over three million points of interest, including restaurants and lodgings. The Street Atlas USA mapping database is continuously updated to reflect the latest available information.

Type in an address to quickly scout new neighborhoods or find potential customers. Get instant directions with address-to-address routing. Ideal for use with a laptop or handheld computer—bring the CD-ROM with you when you travel to access exactly the maps you need, when you need them. You can even download portions of the map to your hard drive.

Add the Latest Address-to-Address Routing Controls

Many online map services and CD-ROM products require an Internet connection to perform address-to-address routing. The last thing you want to do while traveling is try to access the Internet to update your routing, especially if you are using GPS. Street Atlas USA 7.0 puts you in control with advanced routing tools all provided on the CD-ROM. Set driving speeds and use the Via routing tool to select exactly the roads you want.

Search the Nation

Street Atlas USA 7.0 is a great reference for the United States. Find out where a friend lives by finding his house with the address search. Search by latitude and longitude for the exact location of property boundary. Look for cities, small towns, mountains, ponds and more with the placename search. Or use the ZIP Code and area code and exchange searches. You can also search for a particular street intersection.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows® 95 or 98/NT 4.0 or 5.0, Personal computer 486SX/66-MHz or higher processor, 8MB of RAM, 35 MB of available hard-disk space, CD-ROM drive

Street Atlas Version 7.0....................$59.95

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