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Data Matrix Fonts

Universal Barcode Font Advantage

Universal Barcode Font Advantage Prices start at $199.00

Generate Code 128 and other linear barcodes from a single font on Mac OSX, Windows and more with the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font Advantage Package (TM).

More Information and Additional Models - Universal Barcode Font Advantage

Data Matrix Font and Encoder Advantage Package

Data Matrix Font and Encoder Advantage Package Prices start at $171.00

Data Matrix is a popular 2D barcode symbology that is capable of encoding much larger quantities of data than standard linear barcodes - The data encoded in a Data Matrix barcode may include text letters, numbers and actual bytes of data such as extended characters, Unicode characters and even small images - Consider restricting the data-to-encode into each symbol due to the fact that many 2D barcode scanners have difficulty reading barcodes that contain more than approximately 800 characters of data.

More Information and Additional Models - Data Matrix Font Package

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