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PDF417 Fonts

Universal Barcode Font Advantage

Universal Barcode Font Advantage Prices start at $199.00

Generate Code 128 and other linear barcodes from a single font on Mac OSX, Windows and more with the IDAutomation Universal Barcode Font Advantage Package (TM).

More Information and Additional Models - Universal Barcode Font Advantage

PDF417 Barcode Font and Encoder Advantage Package

PDF417 Barcode Font and Encoder Advantage Package Prices start at $171.00

Approximately 850 characters can be dependably encoded and read with the PDF417 barcode symbology - High barcode area efficiency means that large amounts of text and data can be stored in a PDF417 barcode - Because the 2D PDF417 font uses Reed Solomon error correction, it can withstand some damage without loss of data - This high-level error correction results in a decrease of PDF417 barcode read errors and is far more advanced than linear barcodes, which use check digits.

More Information and Additional Models - PDF417 Barcode Font Package

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