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    BarCode Pro - Create your own barcodes as EPS images

    BarCode Pro - Create your own barcodes as EPS images Prices start at $379.95

    Bar Code Pro -- The Perfect EPS Barcode Every Time

    Bar Code Pro provides desktop publishers and graphic designers the bar codes required for hundreds of industrial applications - From UPC and EAN for general merchandise and retail applications to Code 39, Code 128 and ITF for inventory control and warehousing. Bar Code Pro 6.0 has over twenty symbologies and hundreds of variations available designed for use by both the savvy professional as well as the bar coding beginner. Bar Code Pro is powerful and easy-to-use.

    Bar Code Pro Features

  • Power - Bar Code Pro uses an extensive symbologies and variations Drop-In library.
  • Precision - Bar Code Pro creates perfect bar code graphics, accurate to one micron. More importantly, Bar Code Pro tailors each symbol to the resolution of the output printer.
  • Ease-of-use - Choose a template, enter data and save. That is all there is to it! Everything is automatic. No scanning. No photography. No cutting. No pasting.
  • Speed - Bar Code Pro generates bar code graphics when you want them, eliminating the hassle and expense of outside service bureaus and film masters. No more waiting for overnight deliveries to complete the job.
  • Flexibility - Bar Code Pro gives you the control you need to match any bar code specification including symbol height, width, color, rotation, bar width, adjustments for print gain, additional text, and symbology variations; 66 bar code symbol attributes in all.
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