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    3820 Cordless Linear Imager

    3820 Cordless Linear Imager Prices start at $572.25

    Ideal for light industrial mobile applications, the 3820 features BluetoothTM wireless communications for freedom of movement in retail, warehouse and distribution.

    Advanced Wireless Communications - BluetoothTM v1.2 radio enables movement up to 33 feet (10m) from the base while its Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) feature eliminates interference with other wireless systems.

    Innovative Battery Technology - Field-replaceable lithium-ion battery enables up to 57,000 reads per full charge.

    Super-Compact Design - Small footprint enables hands-free presentation scanning when docked in the base.

    3820 - Product Brochure

    3820 Convenience Kits
    3820SR0C0B-0FA0E - 3820 Linear Imager USB Kit, Imager, Cordless Base, North American P/S, Straight USB Cable, Manual $572.25
    3820SR0C0B-0IA0E - 3820 Linear Imager KBW Kit, Imager, Cordless Base, North American P/S, Straight KBW Cable, Manual $553.50
    3820 Kit Reqs Communications Cable
    3820SR0C0B-0GA0E - 3820 Linear Imager Kit, Imager, Cordless Base, North American P/S, Manual, Reqs Cable $562.00
    77900506E - Power Cord, North American for 9 Volt Power Supply, 6 ft $6.00
    2020-5BE - Cordless Charging and Radio Link Base for Cordless Imager Scanners, Host Interface $284.00
    2020-CB-AE - Cordless Charging Base for Cordless Imager Scanners that Communicate Directly with Host via Bluetooth $132.00
    Cable Options
    42206132-02SE - Cable, Straight KBW Cable, PS2, 8 ft $17.00
    42206161-01E - Cable, Straight USB Cable, Type A, 7.5 ft $11.00
    42203758-03SE - Cable, RS232 TTL 9 pin, 8 ft $17.00
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