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    Touch TD1100

    Touch TD1100 Prices start at $69.00

    The TouchTM TD1100 series of linear imaging contact readers represent the Datalogic ADC solution for customers who require a cost-effective solution for close contact bar code reading without sacrificing quality and performance - Designed for low throughput applications within multiple markets, the Touch TD1100 readers provide the guarantee of contact reading with an excellent reading performance on virtually all linear bar codes, including damaged or poorly printed codes.

    Small, lightweight and low on energy consumption, the Touch TD1100 readers continue to provide robustness and a 1.5 m / 5.0 ft drop resistance, which is typically included in a higher range of products.

    The Touch readers are available with the option of two different sizes of reading windows: 6.5 cm / 2.6 in (Touch 65) or 9.0 cm / 3.5 in (Touch 90), which benefits the user when reading standard or wide bar codes.

    The Touch TD1100 65/90 Pro readers provide a complete all-in-one multi-interface solution, including RS-232, USB and Keyboard Wedge and Wand Emulation, while the Touch 65/90 Lite readers provide USB or RS-232/Keyboard Wedge interfaces.

    An innovative 'read-thru' holder provides the Touch TD1100 readers with hands-free reading capability on documents or small items.


    • Wide reading windows: 6.5 cm / 2.6 in and 9.0 cm /3.5 in
    • Excellent reading performance on damaged or poorly printed bar codes
    • Interface options: USB or Keyboard Wedge / RS-232 (Touch 65/90 Lite); USB / RS-232 / Keyboard Wedge / Wand Emulation

    (Touch 65/90 Pro)

    • Supports GS1 DataBarTM linear codes
    • Compact and innovative 'read-thru' holder for hands-free reading capability
    • Drop Resistance to 1.5 m / 5.0 ft

    TD1100 - Product Brochure

    Touch 90 Lite Kits (3.5 inch)
    TD-1120-BK-90 - Touch 90 Lite, Black, USB Kit $69.00
    901801013 - Heron USB Kit, D130, USB Cable, Stand, Black $127.00
    TD-1120-BK-90K1 - Touch 90 Lite, Black, USB Kit with Holder $81.00
    901801014 - Heron KBW Kit, D130, PS/2 Cable, Stand, Black $127.00
    Heron Reader (reqs Cables)
    901801000 - Heron D130, RS232, USB, Wedge and Wand Interfaces, Retail Stand $127.00
    901801009 - Heron D130, RS232, USB, Wedge and Wand Interfaces, Retail Stand, Black $127.00
    Touch 65 Lite Kits (2.6 inch)
    TD1120-BK-65K1 - Touch 65 Lite, Black, USB Kit with Holder $81.00
    90ACC1874 - Heron Hands Free Stand $21.00
    90ACC1893 - Power Supply Kit, PG5-05P55, AC/DC, US $20.00
    USB Type A Cable
    90A051902 - USB Type A Straight 6.5 ft Cable, Optional Power, CAB-412 $14.00
    90A051360 - Keyboard Wedge PS/2 Coiled Cable, 9.5 ft, CAB-365 $20.00
    90A051140 - Keyboard Direct Connect Laptop PS2 Cable, CAB-321 $14.00
    90A051330 - RS232 Serial Cable 9 pin Female, 6 ft, Coiled, CAB-362, reqs Power Supply $20.00
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