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    Inspector Model D4000

    Inspector Model D4000 Prices start at $2100.00

    The Model D4000 Provides the Two Most Popular Types of Verification; ANSI Method and/or Point-and-Shoot Traditional Method

    This unique portable bar code verifier can interface with either the patented RJS Auto-Optic scan head or a laser scanner to provide nine different optic configurations. The scanners are easily installed by the user, making the unit quickly adaptable to practically any verification requirement.

    ANSI Mode Operation

    A D4000 incorporating an Auto-Optic scanner is the industry's most flexible ANSI method verifier. Eight optical arrangements are possible via menu selections for four aperture sizes and two wavelengths of light. The optical geometry meets all requirements of the ANSI X3.182 Bar Code Quality Guideline.

    The Auto-Optic scanner is designed and manufactured by RJS for the sole purpose of performing ANSI method bar code quality analysis. Repeatability between units is outstanding, making the D4000 an ideal choice as a standardized company-wide ANSI method verifier.

    Laser Mode Operation

    A D4000 incorporating a laser scanner is an extremely easy to use point-and-shoot verifier. It requires virtually no user training and analyzes most of the essential traditional verification parameters. It also provides the ANSI method Decodability calculation and percent of decode information.

    Popular applications include verification on materials requiring special considerations such as shiny, curved or uneven surfaces and wet ink.

    D4000 - Product Brochure
    D4000 - Productline Brochure

    D4000 ANSI Mode
    002-7849 - Inspector D4000 Verifier (ANSI Mode 3, 5, 10, 20 mil Aperture) $2100.00
    002-7850 - Inspector D4000 Verifier (ANSI Mode 3, 6, 10, 20 mil Aperture) $2100.00
    D4000 Laser Scanner
    002-7851 - Inspector D4000 Verifier (Laser Scanner Only) $2100.00
    D4000 ANSI Mode and Laser Scanners
    002-7847 - Inspector D4000 Verifier (Laser and ANSI 3, 5, 10, 20 mil Aperture) $2772.00
    002-7848 - Inspector D4000 Verifier (Laser and ANSI 3, 6, 10, 20 mil Aperture) $2772.00
    Additional Add-On Scanners
    002-7853 - D4000 Auto-Optic Scanner (3, 5, 10, 20 mil Aperture) $836.00
    002-7852 - D4000 Auto-Optic Scanner (3, 6, 10, 20 mil Aperture) $836.00
    002-7854 - D4000 Laser Scanner $836.00
    002-6117 - TP140 Thermal Printer Paper, 4 Rolls, 250 ft per roll $68.00
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