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    Label Matrix

    Label Matrix red tag sale Prices start at $175.00

    LABEL MATRIX is feature-rich barcode label design software for companies with simple labeling complexities - It is a trusted solution for companies looking for simple barcode label design software at a reasonable price point - LABEL MATRIX is an intuitive application with an easy-to-navigate interface - Helpful wizards guide you through adding text, images, barcodes, connecting to a database, and more design options for barcode labels that ensure a straightforward process.

    TEKLYNX offers the only fully supported and tested VM products in the industry. Run LABEL MATRIX VM on a virtual machine with confidence knowing that TEKLYNX has the right solution for your needs.


    • Easily add unique borders, backgrounds, and formatting including custom spacing, outlines, or shadows.
    • Store all of your external design elements (images, text) within the same folder as your label design to keep your files organized.
    • Control user permissions to certain label designs to ensure your designs are never edited by a user without the proper permissions.
    • View multiple labels in preview mode to double-check accuracy prior to printing.
    • Wizard-driven interface helps users add text, images, barcodes, and more with minimal training.

    Quick Specs

  • For Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® Server 2012 R2, Windows® 7, Windows® Server 2008 R2, Windows® Vista, Windows® Server 2003, Windows ®XP SP3, and Windows® x64-bit platform.
  • Intuitive interface
  • Simple design features
  • Suitable for beginning to advanced users
  • This is the US English version of Label Matrix and is not supported outside the following countries: USA, Canada, Latin America and Australia.

    To run on a virtual machine, a VM license must be purchased. Please call Hallogram at 866-972-4888 for VM parts and pricing.

    Label Matrix - Product Brochure

    Label Matrix
    Label Matrix PowerPro 1-Year Subscription
    LM18PPR11YS - Label Matrix 2018 PowerPro Single User 1-Year Subscription $175.00
    LM18PPP11YS - Label Matrix 2018 PowerPro PrintPack (Print Only) 1-Year Subscription $91.00
    LM18PPN31YS - Label Matrix 2018 PowerPro Network 3 User 1-Year Subscription $343.00
    LM18PPN51YS - Label Matrix 2018 PowerPro Network 5 User 1-Year Subscription $489.00
    LM18PPA51YS - Label Matrix 2018 PowerPro Network 5 Additional Users 1-Year Subscription $397.00
    LM18QDW11YS - Label Matrix 2018 QuickDraw Single User 1-Year Subscription $45.00
    Label Matrix PowerPro - Buy Out
    LM18PPR1 - Label Matrix PowerPro Single User, Version 2018 $352.00
    LM18PPP1 - Label Matrix PowerPro Single User, Version 2018, Print Only $176.00
    LM18PPN3 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 3 User Network, Version 2018 $635.00
    LM18PPN5 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 5 User Network, Version 2018 $1005.00
    LM18PPA5 - Label Matrix PowerPro, 5 Additional Users, Version 2018 $776.00
    LM15QDW1 - Label Matrix QuickDraw, Single User $99.00
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