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    MBC 4.7 and WBC 4.7 Barcode EPS Generator for Mac and Windows

    MBC 4.7 and WBC 4.7 Barcode EPS Generator for Mac and Windows Prices start at $379.95

    Now supports QR codes

    MBC for Mac and WBC for Windows produce barcodes as EPS files for Illustrator, XPress, Photoshop and FreeHand as well as many other graphics packages - Produce EPS barcodes or PDF barcode images - Over 200 different barcode types are supported from the most popular symbologies such as UPC, EAN, ISBN, Code128, ISSN, Code 39, ITF, GS1-Databar, Intelligent Mail, Code 128 Subset A and QR Codes


    • Barcode generation for Graphic Artist
    • Barcode eps and pdf images for Illustrator
    • QR barcode generator
    • Insert barcodes into your Desktop publishing software

    MBC4/WBC4 contains all the bar coding features necessary for generating precise, accurate barcodes which always scan:

    • Over 200 bar code types, new variations are being added all the time - we can add yours free of charge
    • Colour support including colour importing from other apps
    • MBC - Full AppleScript capabilities, Knockout, Overprint and Grip
    • On-screen descriptions of special barcode formats
    • On-screen user guide
    • Saved bar codes can be opened and edited
    • On-screen barcode measurements

    Check Digit Verification
    MBC4/WBC4 compares your typed check digit to the formula to ensure the code is correct.

    Precise Adjustment for the thickening effect inherent in all imaging devices and for press gain. These adjustments can be made in one micron (0.04 thousandths of an inch) steps for the most precise adjustment on any bar coding software. These adjustments can make the difference between a code that scans and disaster!

    MBC/WBC - User Guide (3MB)

    MBC for Mac
    MBC4.7_ESD - MBC 4.7 for Mac OS X, ESD $395.00
    5 User License for Mac
    M232 - MBC 4.7 for Mac, 5 User License, ESD $795.00
    Add-On Licenses for Mac
    MBC4.7_Add - MBC 4.7 for Mac OS X Add-On License, ESD $195.00
    WBC for Windows
    M233 - WBC 4.7 for Windows, ESD $379.95
    5 User License for Windows
    WBC4.7_5Pack_ESD - WBC 4.7 for Windows, 5 User License, ESD $742.00
    Add-On Licenses for Windows
    WBC4.7_Add - WBC 4.7 for Windows Add-On License, ESD $195.00
    M025 - MBC 4.7 for Mac Upgrade, ESD $175.00
    M048 - MBC 4.7 for Mac 5 User Upgrade, ESD $350.00
    WBC4.7_UPG - WBC 4.7 for Windows Upgrade to 4.4, ESD $175.00
    WBC4.7_5UPG - WBC 4.7 for Windows 5 User Upgrade to 4.4, ESD $350.00
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