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    RedBeam Inventory Tracking Standard Kit

    RedBeam Inventory Tracking Standard Kit Prices start at $1075.00

    Track the movement of materials by using barcodes and barcode scanners to receive, move and issue items within your warehouse, distribution center, stockroom or store - Includes the RedBeam Inventory Software and a USB Barcode Scanner.

    Standard Edition
    The standard edition of the software is a complete item database with the ability to use cabled barcode scanners attached to PC workstations. Receive, move, issue and adjust inventory on the PC by scanning items with a cabled barcode scanner or by entering data manually. Print count scheets and take a periodic physical inventory. Print inventory, reorder, out-of-stock, overstock and transaction reports.

    RedBeam Inventory Tracking Demo

    RedBeam Inventory Std Kit - LS2208 Brochure
    RedBeam Inventory Std Kit - RedBeam Inventory Brochure

    RedBeam Inventory Std Kit
    Inventory Tracking Software
    RB-SIT-1 - RedBeam, Inventory Tracking, Standard Edition, 1 User $695.00
    RedBeam Software Support, Required
    RB-SSC-1 - RedBeam, Annual Software Support Agreement for Standard Edition, 1 User $199.00
    RB-L450 - RedBeam, 1 x 2.625 White Paper Label, 15 Sheets, 30 Labels per Sheet, 450 Labels Total $32.95
    Training and Installation Service
    RB-SERVICE - RedBeam Installation / Training per Day, Travel Billed At Cost $1695.00
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