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Monarch Prices start at $2067.00

The Datawatch Monarch Report Analytics Platform makes it easy for you to incorporate vital information from mainframe greenbar reports, ERP reports, PDFs, invoices, statements and more to create dynamic, web-based reports.

The Monarch Platform gives you:

  • The ability to access, extract and incorporate data, both structured and semi-structured, from any existing data source in your enterprise
  • A fast, easy and efficient web-based tool for creating, distributing and publishing dynamic reports
  • Sophisticated reporting and analysis without having to implement a business intelligence or data warehouse solution
  • The freedom to develop the reports you need without using expensive IT resources
  • A way to leverage your existing reports and enterprise application investments for greater visibility into your business.

Monarch - Product Brochure

FPP32E110-A01M - Monarch Professional version 11, 32 bit, Single User with 1 Year Maintenance $2067.00
FPP64E110-A01M - Monarch Professional version 11, 64 bit, Single User with 1 Year Maintenance $2067.00
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