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    CompTIA Project+ Training Course by Makau

    CompTIA Project Prices start at $287.00

    In the competitive high-tech world, project managers are being required to prove their competency. CompTIA Project+ certification is a global credential for project managers and those who manage projects as part of their job role. Makau's training curriculum is mapped to this highly-sought-after credential. This certification training course focuses on universal project management principles and includes important people skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation, communication, team building, leadership, setting expectations, and managing expectations. Move to the next level with Makau.

    Course Instructor: Jean McKay

    With over 14 years in the training industry, Jean is an experienced professional with a proven track record in all phases of technical training. She currently holds over fifteen (15) professional training certifications in both Project Management and IT, and has spent the past decade teaching professionals how to do their jobs better, faster and more effectively.

    CompTIA Project+
    CompTIA Project+ Set of 4 CDs - e-Study Guides - Single User License $287.00
    CompTIA Project+ Set of 4 CDs - e-Study Guides - Library License $575.00
    CompTIA Project+ Online - e-Study Guides - 365 Day License $287.00
    CompTIA Project+ Set of 4 CDs - e-Study Guides - Single User License - W/SelfTest Practice Exam $377.00
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