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Excel 2007 Training by Makau

Excel 2007 Training by Makau Prices start at $135.00

This course has been designed to get you up and going, quickly, easily, and painlessly with Microsoft® Excel 2007, the most popular spreadsheet application in the marketplace today. The instructor guides you through the use of the basic spreadsheet functions ensuring your success and enhanced productivity. Learn about the new navigation features within Microsoft's new Office interface. Practice what you learn with the hands-on interactive labs.

Course Instructor: Debbie Dalrymple

Debbie has been doing computer training since 1992. Starting her training career at Computer Learning Center in Washington DC working with DOS and early Windows applications she has transitioned to the latest Windows software that we know today. Throughout the past two decades Debbie has worked training students and providing technical support and consulting services in a variety of other industries such as Architecture, Law, Federal Government, Pharmaceutical and the Oil Industry as well as extensive non-profit work.

Excel 2007
Excel 2007 Set of 3 CDs - Single User License $135.00
Excel 2007 Set of 3 DVDs - Single User License $135.00
Excel 2007 Set of 3 CDs - Library License $268.00
Excel 2007 Set of 3 DVDs - Library License $268.00
Excel 2007 Online - 365 Day License $135.00
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