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InDesign CS Training Course by Makau

InDesign CS Training Course by Makau Prices start at $206.00

Adobe® InDesign® is fast becoming the industry standard for page layout and design. This series of courses will cover the skills you need to become an InDesign expert. Topics include setting up preferences, working with documents, page layout, typography, cascading style sheets, importing images, color management, effects, proofing, pre-press, and much more.

Course Instructor: Harold Driver

Harold has a knack for simplifying technical information and complex concepts so that you are able to quickly understand and apply his training. His engaging personality, and technical expertise have made him one of the top-rated computer trainers anywhere. You will come away well prepared to fully utilize today's up-to-the-minute computer technology to enhance your on-the-job effectiveness.

Harold's expertise in software programs includes Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign), FinalCut Pro, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, and Front Page 2002. His career has included corporate training in a variety of computer skills and applications; computer lab training; database projects; Web site design, development and management; television production; work as a graphic designer, trainer and consultant for television networks, including CBS, NBC, TBS, TV New Zealand, and ESPN, as well as many other local television stations throughout the United States and the world; and as a Professional Speaker with National Seminars for over six years.

InDesign CS - Product Brochure

InDesign CS
InDesign CS Set of 5 CDs - Single User License $206.00
InDesign CS Set of 5 CDs - Library License $412.00
InDesign CS Online - 365 Day License $206.00
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