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Novell Linux Desktop Training Course by Makau

Novell Linux Desktop Training Course by Makau Prices start at $99.00

This training course teaches you about the Novell® Linux Desktop, its operating system, and office-productivity environment. This training will help you to enable businesses to use Linux and open source with confidence.

Course Instructor: Bruce James

Bruce James has worked in the computer industry since 1991 when he began his career working for Hewlett Packard on the HP LaserJet Printer team. Later Bruce moved to IBM where he worked in Software Development and Multi-media design. In 1996 Bruce left IBM to work as a software trainer and since that time has trained tens of thousands of individuals within both large and small organizations including Novell, Mercedes-Benz, the New York State Education Department, Sharp Electronics, Fuji Film, the United States Attorneys Office, the University of Florida, the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and dozens of others. Bruce is also the author of several user manuals as well as several articles published in technology journals. In addition to training, Bruce has worked since 1999 as a corporate presenter for Novell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Oracle, and Lucent Technologies in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Novell Linux Desktop
Novell Linux Desktop Set of 2 CDs - Single User License $99.00
Novell Linux Desktop Set of 2 CDs - Library License $178.00
Novell Linux Desktop Online - 365 Day License $99.00
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