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The Art of Active Listening Training Course by Makau

The Art of Active Listening Training Course by Makau Prices start at $99.00

Why do we like talking to some people more than others? Because they are good listeners. If someone is a good listener we not only like them more, we think they understand us and our business. We all understand the basics of good listening. Good listening, in part, is just being courteous. However, it is requires more than just being quiet and paying attention, although those are aspects of being a good listener. Being a good listener is not a passive activity. It entails taking actions that will encourage the other person to open up and communicate what is really on their mind. Good listening is active listening. That is the topic of our course-- Active Listening.

Course Instructor: Lee Miller

Lee Miller is a consultant, speaker, executive coach and corporate trainer. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is the Managing Director of where he advises Boards of Directors, corporations and Senior Executives on negotiating. He is an Adjunct Professor of Management at Seton Hall University, where he teaches MBA courses in Negotiating, Managerial Decision Making and Human Resources Management. In 2003 he received the Stillman School's Award for Teaching Excellence. Lee is the co-author of A Woman's Guide To Successful Negotiating (McGraw Hill) selected by Atlanta Woman magazine as one of the 50 best books for professional women and by Good Morning America as a featured book. He also has written a monthly career column for, where he was their expert on negotiating.

The Art of Active Listening
The Art of Active Listening on CD-ROM - Single User License $99.00
The Art of Active Listening on CD-ROM - Library License $178.00
The Art of Active Listening Online - 365 Day License $99.00
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