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    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290) Training Course by Makau

    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290) Training Course by Makau Prices start at $360.00

    This course maps directly to Microsoft®'s MCSE certification exam 70-290. Create and populate organizational units with user and computer accounts. Learn to manage user and computer accounts; create and manage groups; manage access to resources; implement and manage printing; manage access to objects in using organizational units; implement Group Policy; manage the user and computer environment by using Group Policy; audit accounts and resources; prepare to administer server resources; configure a server to monitor system performance; monitor system performance; manage device drivers, hard disks, data storage, and disaster recovery; use Microsoft Software Update Services; and maintain Windows Server 2003 security.

    Course Instructor: Kevin Wolford

    Kevin Wolford started his computer career in 1983. He has been a technical writer, network administrator, and trainer. Kevin spent many years with Novell and is a CNI and Master CNE. In 1998 Kevin founded Tech Training, giving him a chance to test his training concepts on live labs. He is also an MCSE, MCT, and is certified in SMS, SQL Server, TCP/IP, NT Workstation, NT Server, Exchange Server, Windows 9x and 2000. Kevin has authored Microsoft certification books for New Riders and Sybex. He also owns a consulting company dedicated to teaching complex technical topics in a simple way.

    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290)
    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290) Set of 5 CDs w/SelfPractice Exams - Single User License $450.00
    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290) Set of 5 CDs - Single User License $360.00
    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290) Set of 5 CDs - Library License $718.00
    Windows Server 2003 (Exam 70-290) Online - 365 Day License $360.00
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