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WordPerfect 11 Training by Makau

WordPerfect 11 Training by Makau Prices start at $99.00

Achieve more with expertise in WordPerfect 11 wordprocessing. Generate impressive documents using this powerful word processing program. These sessions will teach you how to use some of the most powerful options available in WordPerfect 11.

Course Instructor: Karen Acerson

Karen Acerson has often been referred to as the "First Lady" of WordPerfect, as she has been closely involved with WordPerfect Coporation's word processor "WordPerfect" since the product's first release. Karen worked as the customer support manager at WordPerfect Corp and her books "WordPerfect: The Complete Reference" and "WordPerfect: From 5.0 to 5.1" were best sellers. Karen is an internationally recognized expert and has taught word processing and word processing skill-building techniques to thousands of people world wide.

WordPerfect 11
WordPerfect 11 Set of 2 CDs - Single User License $99.00
WordPerfect 11 Set of 2 DVDs - Single User License $99.00
WordPerfect 11 Set of 2 CDs - Library License $178.00
WordPerfect 11 Set of 2 DVDs - Library License $178.00
WordPerfect 11 Online - 365 Day License $99.00
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