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    Accubarcode Prices start at $479.00

    AccuBarcode Pro
    AccuBarcode Pro is a software product providing graphic designers quality linear and 2D barcode graphics in EPS format - The software has two flavors running on Windows and Mac OS respectively with identical functionalities and it focuses on the following issues: - Accuracy. Graphics in EPS format have been used for decades and will continue to be the preferable format in the graphic design industry. Barcode printing has some special requirements including high contrast, sharp edge and consistency. In an EPS file, accurate dimensional values can be set independently of the output device, which is perfect for barcode printing. An EPS file can be easily converted into other formats if the user needs to do it. On the data security and integrity side, a powerful data filter helps to ensure knocking out invalid data.

    Accubarcode covers all commonly used barcode symbologies, including UPC/EAN, Code 128, ITF, Code 39, Codabar, Code 93, MSI/Plessey, Pharmacode, Code 11, RM4SCC, Intelligent Mailing Barcode, GS1 DataBar, QR Code, PDF417, Micro PDF417, Data Matrix and MaxiCode, and hundreds of barcode applications, including GTIN, HIBC and GS1 Coupons. It supports industrial standards and assists you in customizing your design by setting colors, dimensions and other properties of the barcode to be created.

    • Easy to Use Interface. AccuBarcode Pro employs a tree structure for symbology/application variations. Data entry and parameter setting become easy with the help of the intuitive interface design, the sample data and the realtime message display.
    • Sophisticated Features. AccuBarcode Pro can help to do work with sophistication. For example, it supports two separated colors, one for the foreground and the other background, each of them having the options to be spot or process and overprint or knockout, providing the importing program (Illustrator for example) the flexibility manipulating the colors the imported AccuBarcode Pro file bears and the colors the design page of the importing program has.
    • Broader Inclusion. AccuBarcode Pro supports over 60 commonly used barcode symbologies and applications. Symbologies consist of linear ones (both height and width modulated), 2D ones and the ones with both linear and 2D parts (GS1 DataBar for example). Applications covers most industrial standards. Under symbologies and applications, there are about 600 adopted variations. The abundance of the coverage provides almost every user the kind of barcodes
    • Timely Updates. AccuBarcode Pro will follow the new standards and technologies very closely. In fact, the making of the software was based on the developer's over 20 years research and development work in barcoding industry with a great deal of attention to the changing world. In the future, modifications and upgrades will be issued periodically.

    AccuBarcode Pro Plus is an enhanced version of AccuBarcode Pro, which supports everything AccuBarcode Pro does plus the following merely used enhanced features:

    • UPC-E System 1
    • SISAC
    • Paperback

    Mac Pro Version
    Accb20 - AccuBarcode Pro 2.4 Mac, 1 Year Subscription $465.00
    Accb20a - AccuBarcode Pro 2.4 Mac Additional User, 1 Year Subscription $83.00
    Accb20b - AccuBarcode Pro 2.4 Mac, 1 Year Renewal $74.00
    Mac Pro Plus Version
    Accb90 - AccuBarcode Pro Plus 2.4 Mac, 1 Year Subscription $540.00
    Accb90a - AccuBarcode Pro Plus 2.4 Mac Additional User, 1 Year Subscription $158.00
    Accb90b - AccuBarcode Pro Plus 2.4 Mac, 1 Year Renewal $74.00
    Windows Pro Version
    Accb21 - AccuBarcode Pro 2.4 Windows, 1 Year Subscription $465.00
    Accb21a - AccuBarcode Pro 2.4 Windows Additional User, 1 Year Subscription $83.00
    Accb21b - AccuBarcode Pro 2.4 Windows, 1 Year Renewal $74.00
    Windows Pro Plus Version
    Accb91 - AccuBarcode Pro Plus 2.4 Windows, 1 Year Subscription $540.00
    Accb91a - AccuBarcode Pro Plus 2.4 Windows Additional User, 1 Year Subscription $158.00
    Accb91b - AccuBarcode Pro Plus 2.4 Windows, 1 Year Renewal $74.00
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