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    Code 93 Barcode Font Advantage Package

    Code 93 Barcode Font Advantage Package Prices start at $85.00

    Easily add Code 93 barcodes to applications that support TrueType, OpenType or PCL. The symbology of the Code 93 character set consists of bar code symbols representing characters 0-9, A-Z, the space character and the following symbols: /, + , %, - , . , $ . Five different font versions are provided for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix and other operating systems. Font tools provided in this package include VBA with source, Windows DLL and a Crystal UFL for Crystal Reports.

    • Easily generate Code 93 barcodes from a font in many applications.
    • Contains 5 different Code 93 barcode font versions.
    • TrueType, OpenType and PostScript font versions are included.
    • Developed according to AIM, ANSI and European EN 800 standards.
    • Supports Extended Code 93 and other specifications based on Code 93.
    • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others.
    • All Code 93 Fonts require special formatting so that the data, when the barcode font is applied, will be scannable. Over 30 font encoder tools, macros and plug-ins are provided to complete this automatically in a variety of applications.

    Implementing solutions with IDAutomation Code 93 barcode fonts provides a high level of scalability with operating system, application and printer independence.

    Code 39 Font Package
    End User License
    IDA11-S - IDAutomation Code 93 Font Advantage Package - Single User License $85.00
    Developer Licenses
    IDA11-D - IDAutomation Code 93 Font Advantage Package - Developer License $506.00
    IDA11-5D - IDAutomation Code 93 Font Advantage Package - 5 Developer License $1011.00
    IDA11-UD - IDAutomation Code 93 Font Advantage Package - Unlimited Developer License $1517.00
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