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OC 2 and OC 3 Portable Printer

OC 2 and OC 3 Portable Printer Prices start at $520.00

Compact, Ergonomic, Reliable
The OC2 is a streamlined, light weight, and ergonomic thermal printer that provides receipts 2.25 inches wide, and addresses the continually expanding requirements associated with retail, healthcare, hospitality, transportation, and mobile field service applications.

The advanced features, standard with any OC label and receipt printer, offer extreme adaptability to meet the unique and industry-specific portable receipt printing requirements demanded in today's evolving business environment. Simple charging solutions and drop-in media loading allow entry level associates to use the printer with no downtime. The OC2 Receipt printer offers an optional magnetic stripe card reader, and for wireless communication, can be purchased with 802.11b/g or Bluetooth connectivity that includes a broad range of security and encryption protocols that are compatible with today's high-tech security requirements.

Specifications at-a-glance

  • 2" direct thermal printer
  • 1.89" print width
  • 2.25" media roll width
  • Optional Bluetooth or 802.11 b/g connectivity
  • 12-month warranty (including print head or 1,000,000 inches)

OC Printer Receipt Paper and OC3 ImagePro Labels
OC Receipt Paper and Labels

OC - Product Brochure

OC2 Portable Printers
200320-101 - OC2 Receipt Printer, RS-232, 4MB flash memory, 2MB RAM, Battery, Swivel Belt $520.00
200323-101 - OC2 Receipt Printer, RS-232 / WPAN Bluetooth 1.1/1.2, 4MB Flash Mmemory, 2MB R $640.00
200325-101 - OC2 Receipt Printer, RS-232 / WLAN 802.11 b/g, 4MB Flash Memory, 2MB RAM, Bat $780.00
OC3 Portable Printers
200331-100 - OC3, RS-232, MSR Tracks 1/2/3, Battery, Paper, Belt Clip, User Guide $880.00
200333-100 - OC3, RS-232 / WPAN Bluetooth 1.1/1.2, Battery, Paper, Belt Clip, User Guide $880.00
200334-100 - OC3, RS-232 / WPAN Bluetooth 1.2/1.2, MSR Tracks 1/2/3, Battery, Paper, Belt Clip, User Guide $1000.00
200336-100 - OC3, RS-232 / WLAN 802.11 b/g, Battery, Paper, Belt Clip, User Guide $1020.00
200337-100 - OC3, RS-232 / WLAN 802.11 b/g, MSR Tracks 1/2/3, Battery, Paper, Belt Clip, User Guide $1140.00
550039-100 - Datamax 7.2v Battery, Lithium Ion $75.00
220515-100 - Datamax AC Adapter for Charging with U.S. plug $41.00
210259-000 - OC Series, Desktop Cradle Charger, Reqs Power Supply $66.00
220236-000 - OC Series, 5-Bay Desktop Cradle Kit, Reqs Power Supply $475.00
220237-000 - OC Series, 4-Bay Desktop Cradle and 2-Bay Battery Charger, Reqs Power Supply $667.00
220220-100 - Datamax Battery Charger, Double Bay, Reqs Power Supply $204.00
280480-001 - Belt Clip, OC/MF Swivel $5.00
220527-000 - OC2 IP54 Soft Case $48.00
220530-000 - OC3 IP54 Soft Case $48.00
220259-000 - OC Swivel Mount Bracket Kit $34.00
220238-000 - OC Series, Shoulder Strap Kit $34.00
220205-200 - OC 3ft (AMP) Right Angle Power Extension Cable Kit $93.00
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