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    Code Reader 1400

    Code Reader 1400 Prices start at $239.00

    The Code ReaderTM 1400 (CR1400) is a compact, rugged, barcode reader that features a high performance scan engine, patented dual-field optical platform and intuitive targeting that makes reading 1D and 2D barcodes extremely fast, reliable, and more affordable than ever

    From healthcare to retail to other high-use environments, a disinfectant-ready plastic housing and IP54 rating protects the performance of the CR1400 against harsh chemical cleaning agents, dust and water ingress - even mutiple drops.

    Built on a JavaScript platform, the CR1400 can be quickly and easily configured to populate barcoded data into any enterprise solution.

    CR1400 Features and Benefits:

    • High speed, omnidirectional reading of 1D and 2D barcodes
    • Dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same unit
    • Glare reduction technology for reading barcodes on shiny surfaces
    • Manual or automatic triggering
    • 3 programmable indicators: vibration mode, LED and audible tone
    • Comes with universal stand
    • Reads barcode reliably off cell phone screens
    • Compatible with Code's CortexToolsTM software configuration utility
    • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript
    • Uses Code's new rapid disconnect AffinityTM cables
    • Extremely low power consumption
    • Disinfectant ready, IP54 housing
    • Available in light or dark gray
    • Standard warranty: 5 yearsv
    • CodeOne extended warranty service plans

    Applications:Healthcare, Mobile coupon or ticketing (event, airline, cinema, etc), Pharmacy, Patrol Vehicles, Retail, and Manufacturing.

    Code Reader 1400 - Product Brochure

    Code Reader 1400
    Code Reader 1400
    CR1421-C500 - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 6ft Straight Cable, Dark Gray $246.00
    CR1411-C500 - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 6ft Straight Cable, Light Gray $246.00
    CR1421-C508 - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 8ft Coiled Cable, Dark Gray $246.00
    CR1411-C508 - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 8ft Coiled Cable, Light Gray $246.00
    Includes Stand
    CR1421-PKU - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 6ft Straight Cable, Stand, Dark Gray $271.00
    CR1411-PKU - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 6ft Straight Cable, Stand, Light Gray $271.00
    CR1421-PKU8 - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 8ft Coiled Cable, Stand, Dark Gray $271.00
    CR1411-PKU8 - CR1400 Bar Code Reader, USB 8ft Coiled Cable, Stand, Light Gray $271.00
    Accessories and Software
    XML-ER2 - Code Software, OCR License, required to enable OCR capabilities $30.00
    XML-ER1 - Code Software, Embedded Javascript, required to run custom Javascripts $30.00
    XML-ER3 - Code Software, Go Code License $30.00
    Service Option
    SP-PREM-CR1 - CR1x00, Premier Service $54.00
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