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Gourmet and Specialty Food Labels

Gourmet and Specialty Food Labels Prices start at $1495.00

Save Time & Money - Print Your Own Food Labels!

The LX400 and LX810 utilize the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant full-color products labels on-demand.

With the LX400 and LX810, there are:

  • No lead times
  • No minimum order requirements
  • No obsolete label inventory
  • No plate and die charges
BBQ Label

Print your own gourmet and specialty food labels with the LX400 and LX810 Color Label Printers by Primera Technology. The LX400 and LX810 print full-color, photo-quality images at 4800 dpi print resolution. Printed labels are highly water- and scratch-resistant making the LX400 and LX810 ideal labeling solutions for candy labels, baked goods labels, hot sauce labels, cheese labels, herb and seasoning labels, popcorn labels, baby food labels, nut labels, salad dressing labels and more.

Many food manufacturers and private labelers use the LX400 and LX810 to print high-quality, short-run food labels for retail packaging. Personalized labels can also be printed on demand for corporate gifts, events, gift baskets and weddings. Simply add wedding names and dates, corporate logos with holiday greetings, anniversary photos or design a label for limited edition or seasonal products.

Shrimp Label

Having the ability to print personalized food labels on demand, allows you to produce printed labels in minutes rather than days or weeks. In addition, labels can be customized in-house to meet client need.

Herb Label

The LX400 and LX810 come equipped with printer drivers for Windows and Macintosh along with label design software called NiceLabel SE, Primera Edition. Labels can also be created in many other design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

As you know, in the gourmet and specialty food industry packaging is very important. With the LX400 and LX810 Color Label Printers, your labels will distinguish your products and company from the competition at an affordable price.

LX400 Printer Labels
LX400 Labels

LX810 Printer Labels
LX810 Labels

Specialty Food Labels
8.25 Inch Wide Color Inkjet Label Printer
74251 - LX810 Color Label Printer, 8.25 inch, USB Cable, 100-240 VAC, (North America/Japan plug) $2495.00

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