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Voyager 1200g

Voyager 1200g red tag sale Prices start at $150.00

Built on the platform of the world's best-selling single-line laser scanner, Honeywell's Voyager® 1200g delivers aggressive scan performance on virtually all linear bar codes, including poor quality and damaged codes - Updated object detection, and automatic in-stand detection and configuration enable class-leading presentation scanning that maximizes throughput - Superior scan performance matched with a reliable design combine to provide a versatile linear scanning solution.

  • Outstanding scan performance on poor quality and damaged bar codes maintains productivity by providing a worry-free linear scanning solution that minimizes the need for manual data entry
  • Class-leading presentation scanning increases throughput by providing object detection and automatic in-stand detection and configuration
  • Superior out-of-box experience simplifies set up with tool-free stand assembly; automatic in-stand detection and configuration; and automatic interface detection and configuration
  • Contemporary, ergonomic design ensures operator comfort and productivity by incorporating an integrated finger groove in a sleek, lightweight industrial design that fits well in most hands
  • CodeGate® technology enables users to ensure that the desired bar code is scanned before transmitting data, making the scanner ideal for use in menu scanning applications
  • Multi-interface design minimizes costs by delivering support for USB, keyboard wedge, and RS232 interfaces in a single scanner

Voyager 1200g - Product Brochure

Voyager 1200g
1200G-2USB-1 - Voyager 1200g USB Kit, Black, Rigid Presentation Stand, USB Cable 3m Coiled Cable $149.00
1200G-1USB-1 - Voyager 1200g USB Kit, Ivory, Rigid Presentation Stand, USB Cable 3m Coiled Cable $150.00
1200G-2KBW-1 - Voyager 1200g KBW Kit, Black, Rigid Presentation Stand, KBW PS2 3m Coiled Cable $150.00
Scanner Only, Reqs Cable
1200g-2 - Voyager 1200g Scanner Only, Black, RS232/USB/KBW/IBM, Reqs Cable $124.50
1200g-1 - Voyager 1200g Scanner Only, Ivory, RS232/USB/KBW/IBM, Reqs Cable $124.50
46-00525 - Power Supply, NA plug, 1.0A @ 5.2VDC, 90-255VAC @ 50-60Hz $24.75
CBL-500-300-C00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, Type A, 3m (9.8ft), Coiled, 5v Host Power $18.00
CBL-500-300-S00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, Type A, 9.8ft Straight, 5v Host Power $18.00
CBL-500-500-C00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, Type A, 16.4ft Coiled, 5v Host Power $18.00
CBL-503-500-C00 - Honeywell Cable, USB, Black, 12V Locking, 16.4ft Coiled, 5v Host Power $31.00
CBL-020-300-C00 - Honeywell RS232 Cable, Black, DB9 Female 9.8ft Coiled, 5v External Power, Option for Host Power on Pin 9 $16.00
Stands and Holders
HOLDER-004-U - Voyager 1200g/1400g Holder, Desktop/Wall Mount $16.00
HOLDER-005-W - Voyager 1200g/1400g Holder, Wall Mount Hook $16.00
STND-19R02-002-4 - Voyager 1200g/1400g Stand, Gray, 7.5in High, Rigid Plastic Pole, Weighted Tripod Base, Voyager 1200 Cup $16.00
STND-23F02-002-4 - Voyager 1200g/1400g Stand, Gray, 9in High, Flexible Rod, Weighted Tripod Base, Voyager 1200 Cup $22.00
STND-23F03-002-4 - Voyager 1200g/1400g Stand, Gray, 9in High, Flexible Rod, Weighted Mid-Sized Univeral Base, Voyager 1200 Cup $32.00
Service Contract (within 30 days of product shipment)
HSVC1200G-SMS5 - Voyager 1200g Service Contract, 5 Years, 1 Day Turn Around, Comprehensive Coverage, New $25.00

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