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    MedCertify - Medical Coding Core Bundle Training by Makau

    MedCertify - Medical Coding Core Bundle Training by Makau Prices start at $715.00

    Medical coding is part of the insurance billing process that involves adding codes to medical records. There is a growing shortage of medical coders and billing specialists and a tremendous career opportunity for those seeking a good paying job.

    In this course you will learn medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, basic medical coding, advanced medical coding, billing & insurance reimbursement, and how to assign numbers and letters to each symptom. These codes are used for insurance reimbursement, research, health planning analysis, and to make clinical decisions. Under medical insurance billing you will learn the uses of and how to fill out the CMS 1500 medical claim form.


    • Medical Coding Basics - 4 Lecture CDs ($369 value)
    • Medical Coding Advanced - 2 Lecture CDs ($189 value)
    • Medical Terminology - 1 Lecture CD ($99 value)
    • Anatomy and Physiology - 4 Lecture CDs ($369 value)
    • Pathophysiology - 2 Lecture CDs ($189 value)
    • Medical Billing and Insurance Reimbursements - 2 Lecture CDs ($189 value)


  • MedCertify Study Overview - 1 CD
  • BYOB - "Bring Your Own Book"

    The following textbooks and workbooks can be purchased through Makau or through many other reputable book stores (online and retail). Use the listed ISBN number to find the correct books. The lectures are designed to accompany the books listed.

    • Textbook – Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2008 Edition; Buck, ISBN 1416045670
    • Student Workbook – Step-by-Step Medical Coding; Buck, ISBN 1416045687
    • Textbook– The Next Step Advanced Medical Coding 2008; Buck, ISBN 1416040422
    • Textbook– CPC Coding Exam Review 2008: The Certification Step; Buck, ISBN 1416037118
    • Textbook – Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 4e; Chabner, ISBN 1416001652
    • Textbook – Essentials of Human Diseases & Conditions, 4e; Frazier, ISBN 1416047148
    • Student Workbook – Essentials of Human Diseases & Conditions; Frazier, ISBN 1416047155
    • Textbook – Anatomy & Physiology Learning System 3e; Applegate, ISBN 1416025863
    • Student Workbook – Anatomy & Physiology Learning System; Buck, ISBN 1416025856

    Course Instructor: Cyndi Stahl

    Cyndi Stahl is a physician based certified coder with both the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association. (AHIMA) She has over 16 years in the medical profession. Her experience includes Billing and Reimbursement supervision, Practice Management and Consulting. She is currently president elect for the Central Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Professional Coders.

    Medical Coding Core Bundle
    MedCertify - Medical Coding Core Bundle Set of 15 CDs - Lectures Only - Single User License $715.00
    MedCertify - Medical Coding Core Bundle Set of 15 CDs - Lectures Only - Library License $1430.00
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