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    Ready Minds - Facilitatng and Coaching Training Course by Makau

    Ready Minds - Facilitatng and Coaching Training Course by Makau

    Whether you're working with clients face-to-face, by email, or by phone, you can use coaching and facilitation skills.

    This course is an introduction to business facilitation best practices. You will learn what defi nes a coach/facilitator and how to apply physical, mental, and verbal facilitation skills as well as structuring, building, and maintaining helping relationships.

    Course Instructor: Harvey Schmelter-Davis

    Harvey Schmelter-Davis NCC, GCDF, DCC, is the senior practitioner-in-residence at the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University Heldrich Workforce Center Registry, New Brunswick, NJ. Harvey specializes in Global Career Development Facilitation Instructor Training and has developed Fast Track Course for Career Development Facilitators.

    Ready Minds - Facilitatng and Coaching
    Ready Minds - Facilitatng and Coaching on CD-ROM - Single User License $135.00
    Ready Minds - Facilitatng and Coaching on CD-ROM - Library License $268.00
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