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    CorpSystem Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database

    Prices start at $2045.00

    Make Tax Compliance Fast and Easy with Integrated Sales Tax Solutions

    With more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions charging sales and use tax, keeping track of the most current rates can be difficult - That's why even the IRS relies on CCH for sales tax research - End-to-end sales tax compliance solutions from CCH are designed to fit your unique business requirements and workflow environment.

    Our easy-to-implement integrations work with your accounting system, online shopping cart and order management system to reduce the time you spend researching tax rates, taxability rules, and tax forms. Avoid the hassle of manual updates and time consuming paperwork, and streamline your end-of-month filing and remittance activities.

    CorpSystem Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database -Ensure correct local sales tax rates and decrease your audit risk with CorpSystem Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database. The comprehensive database lets you import state sales tax, county sales tax and other local sales tax and use tax rates by tax jurisdictions directly into your ERP or point of sale system. With this database, you can generate detailed monthly transaction reports using the reporting functions that already exist in your own system. The data from these reports can be transferred directly onto your return forms using CorpSystem Sales Tax Returns Online.

    With CorpSystem Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Database, your company will:

    • Save time during the monthly update process by easily loading the flat ASCII file (comma delimited or fixed length) into any operating environment with minimal programming. State sales tax determinations have never been so easy.
    • Simplify your research process by eliminating manual tracking and input, because all the information you need for local and county sales tax is in one place.
    • Enjoy faster, easier jurisdictional determination, even if a ZIP code crosses city limits. Data is mapped using multiple location criteria: ZIP code, ZIP + 4, FIPS geocode and state, county and city name.
    • Expect reduced audit penalties and fines by using tax information so accurate that even the IRS uses it.
    • SAS70 Certified

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    Sales Tax Rates - Sales Tax Rates and Taxability Brochure

    Sales Tax Rates
    Sales Tax Rates Databases
    STD5N - Sales Tax Rates Database, 5 States, Annual Subscription, Monthly Updates $2045.00
    STD15N - Sales Tax Rates Database, 15 States, Annual Subscription, Monthly Updates $3046.00
    STDAN - Sales Tax Rates Database, All States, Annual Subscription, Monthly Updates $5088.00
    STAAN - Sales Tax Rates Database, All States, Additional Server License, Annual Subscription, Monthly Updates $4325.00
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