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    Overhead Electrical Line Inspection Mobile Kit - Barcode Mobile Applications

    Overhead Electrical Line Inspection Mobile Kit - Barcode Mobile Applications Prices start at $1425.98

    Overhead Electrical Line Inspection - Track routine inspection of Overhead Electrical Lines! Upload the data into an Excel spread sheet -Using the TracerPlus Professional Data Collection Software we provide you with a starter application that can be easily customizable to run on a Windows Mobile or Windows CE Terminal -- Barcode ready -- Application includes two data tables for Creating the List of Meters and Checking the Meters on a regular basis. Application can be used as is or is easily customizable and user configurable with the TracerPlus Desktop and TracerPlus Pro Pocket PC software.

    Overhead Line Inspection Sessions include:

    • Identify inspector, map and section number
    • Complete inspection including pole, right-of-way, watthour, anchors, top assembly, conductor, line regulator, distribution transformer, etc.
    • Record optional GPS coordinates
    • Export the collected data directly to your Excel spreadsheet or to text files

    Easy to enhance and add more fields to each of the forms.

    The Overhead Electrical Line Inspection Software is FREE when purchasing the TracerPlus Pro and a barcode enabled Windows Mobile / Windows CE Portable Terminal

    Using TracerPlus Pro you can add fields to the data tables, modify the Forms adding graphics images or customized prompts and buttons, uplodad the data to an Excel spreadsheet with Tracer Plus Connect or with the optional ODBC add-on upload the data directly to your database!

    TracerPlus Professional - Enterprise Class Mobile Data Collection Software. With customizable fields, signature capture and optional wireless connectivity, Pro has the versatility needed by the most demanding mobile workforces.

    TracerPlus makes it possible to add various mobile components to pre- existing management systems. Fixed Asset Tracking, Mobile Sales, Inventory Management and many more applications can be configured and connected directly to your pre-existing databases.

    Refined processes are what set organizations apart and provide competitive advantages. TracerPlus is user - configurable enabling the Enterprise to match the mobile application to the process versus forcing the Enterprise to match the process to the mobile application.

    Case Case

    Overhead Line Inspection
    Overhead Line Inspection Software
    STK-OLI - Overhead Electrical Line Inspection Mobile Application No Cost
    PTS-2200 - TracerPlus Professional - Single Device $348.00
    Enterprise Digital Assistant Option
    ES405B-0AE1 - ES400, GPS, WWAN HSDPA / CDMA, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g, 1D/2D, 3.2MP Camera, WM 6.5.3, 256MB/1GB, P/S, USB Cable Add to Cart for Sale Price
    CRD400-1000R - ES400, Cradle, 1-Slot-USB, Mini USB Connector (Uses the USB Cable and Power Supply with the ES400) $56.00
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