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    Scan and Print III Standalone Mobile Thermal Printing System

    Scan and Print III Standalone Mobile Thermal Printing System Prices start at $2750.00

    Scan and Print III Mobile barcode labeling system

    No PC Required! No Software Required!

    Stand alone mobile barcode label printing - Use a Windows Mobile barcode PDA or Android with a desktop or mobile printer.

  • Inventory barcode relabeling
  • Work order labeling
  • Laboratory specimen relabeling
  • Multi-page document labeling
  • Multiple box package barcode labeling
  • Duplicate barcode labels
  • Healthcare bedside specimen labeling
  • Receipt printing
  • Windows Mobile or Android mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner connects directly to the Zebra GX printer via Bluetooth or optional wireless network. With Bluetooth you can roam up to 100 feet away from the printer and with the wireless network option you can be anywhere you have internet access and scan a barcode to print out a label on the GX printer. System stores all of your scans so you can upload the list to your PC as a text file or with the Connect option upload directly to your Excel spreadsheet, Access Database or any ODBC compliant DB. System comes plug and play, ready to go with your label definition. Anytime you scan a barcode the printer will print a duplicate barcode label - no software and no PC required!

    • Pick from the Zebra GX or Industrial printers.
    • Send Hallogram your label design and Hallogram's technical staff can set up your own customized configuration sheet
    • Print one or any number of labels with a single scan
    • Wide variety of Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Label sizes available

    Options include:

    • Mobile printer option allows you to print label or receipt to a belt clipped or over the shoulder mobile printer
    • Input forms and lookup capability on the PDA - the Hallogram integration group can develop one or more customized input forms with text boxes, dropdown boxes, table look up and scanned data to print and store (Connect option required).
    • Connect option: update your PC databases or Excel files with a batch USB cable or wireless Batch or even wireless realtime data from the PDA interactive forms. Customize the dropdown box values on you form.
    • Network option allows you to print from one or more PDA devices to the same network printer wirelessly
    • Multiple print options allow you to select one or more print layouts with the Bluetooth option; print to one or more printers with the Network option so you can have a different form and label size for each printer
    • Many more options available. Call us with your project specs and let us put a custom data collection and printing application together for your requirements.

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