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    Fire Extinguisher Inspection System - Barcode Mobile Applications

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection System - Barcode Mobile Applications Prices start at $2295.00

    Fire Extinguisher Management - Track routine inspections of Fire Extinguishers including a complete inventory by extinguisher or location, inspections, maintenance, hydrostatic testing and corrective actions - Upload the data from a portable barcode terminal directly into an Excel spread sheet, an Access database or an ODBC source -

    Safety inspections can be approach in two different ways: one is by Location and one is by equipment and your company may follow one approach or the other or it may do a combination of the two.

    Extinguisher Inventory and Master List Sessions include: unit ID, make, model serial number, type, size, whether it's pressurized, placed in a hazardous location and a location ID. Maintains the last date and time the extinguisher was placed in service, removed from service, inspected, maintenance performed, hydrostatic tested and corrective action occurred on each extinguisher.

    Location Inspection Session includes: who unit was inspected by, date and time of inspection, whether unit was in place, accessible, weight correct, pressure ok, it's condition, pin in place, tamper sealed and if unit passed inspection. If in a hazardous location additional information collected on nameplate, safety seals, indicators. Comment section for additional notes.

    Extinguisher Inspection Session includes: monthly inspections, maintenance inspections, hydrostatic inspections and corrective actions performed on the extinguisher. Comment section for additional notes.

    Organize by Job - Organize your extinguishers or locations master list inventory by Jobs or Customer number. Assign each group of extinguishers the same Job ID. When you scan the barcode on the first extinguisher the List tab grid will display all extinguishers assigned to that Job. When the Inspection is completed the extinguisher is automatically removed from the list so you can see what extinguishers are remaining to be inspected. Alphabetized the location description to organize a walk through sequence of each extinguisher in the job. Use the Job Reset form to reset all the extinguishers in that Job back to non-inspected state.

    A full license to TracerPlus Pro is includes so you can customize the forms, add or subtract fields to the data tables, add graphics images or customized prompts and buttons.

    TracerPlus Connect allows you upload or download information from your spreadsheet or database to the portable barcode terminal. Upload inspection information, download inventory or customize values in dropdown boxes.

    Fire Extinguisher Inspection - FEIS User Guide

    Fire Extinguisher Track RS30 Android Kit
    Fire Extinguisher Track Standard Mobile Application with RS30 Android Barcode Terminal Kit $2295.00
    Fire Extinguisher Track RS30 Android Kit Fire Extinguisher Standard Tracking with the CipherLab RS30 Android barcode terminal. Package includes:
    • Hallogram LLC Fire Extinguisher Standard Tracking software
    • RS30, Android 4.4, BT, WLAN 802.11/WWAN/NFC, 8GB Flash, 1GB Ram, Camera, GPS, Linear Imager, Black, USB Plug, Snap-On Charger
    • TracerPlus Connect, Windows Mobile / CE
    • Complete software integration with APK installation file
    Fire Extinguisher Track Professional Upgrade
    Fire Extinguisher Track Professional Upgrade $495.00
    Fire Extinguisher Professional Upgrade. Hallogram integration team can customize your application with new features such as:
    • Add additional sessions to track other type of Fire suppression systems
    • Take pictures of your equipment
    • User Login controls with multiple user management options
    Fire Extinguisher Track Enterprise Upgrade
    Fire Extinguisher Track Enterprise Upgrade $995.00
    Fire Extinguisher Enterprise Upgrade. Hallogram integration team can customize your application with wireless update features.
    • Immediately upload and download data from your database servers through LAN or WAN
    • Assign tracking jobs in the field and download the jobs fire extinguishers inventory wirelessly
    • Submit inspection results from the field without having to connect the terminal to a PC
    **Requires upgrading to an ODBC database of your choice

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