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    Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking

    Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking Prices start at $4054.00

    Comprehensive Solutions for Student Tracking
    Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking provides an efficient and flexible solution designed to issue student identification cards and provide tracking information, allowing teachers to properly track attendance and account for students - Ideal for medium to large Educational institutions, whether K-12 or higher ed.

    This solution allows teachers to:

    • Create student ID badges
    • Track student attendance for classes or events
    • Record tardiness and absences
    • Issue tardy slips
    • Assign Warnings and Detention
    • Email Infraction Notices to Parents
    • Integrate with existing systems

    With Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking, a student's tardiness can be detected before it becomes detrimental to education.

    Student Tracking - Product Brochure

    Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking Kit
    Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking Bundle $4054.00
    • ZebraCard ZXP Series 3 Single Side Card Printer
    • Honeywell Hyperion 1300g Scanner
    • Badgeplus HD Image Web Cam Pro
    • Jolly Enterprises School Track Premier Edition
    Teacher In-a-Box Student Tracking Accessories
    Zebracard 30 Mil Blank White PVC Cards, 500 Cards Per Box $55.00
    Zebracard Cleaning Kit For ZXP Series 3, 4 Print Engine Cards and 4 Feeder Cleaning Cards, 1000 Prints/Card $33.00
    Zebracard, IX Series Color Ribbon For ZXP Series 3, YMCKO $60.00

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